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Personality Profiling in the Small Business

Why Personality Profiling? I hired her to manage our online presence. She was fun, outgoing, sociable, and inspiring. I thought that would translate well to our social media and web outlets. What I failed to assess was her motivation to see results. In her short tenure at our small retail shop, she lived up to her personality profile.  She loved to have fun, to hang out, to be inspiring. What she was unable to produce was results. I fault myself for the wasted time and money I invested in her. If I had hired her as a party planner or door greeter she would have been fabulous. So where did I go wrong with that hire? Personality profiling is a…

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How to Be a Golden Retriever in a Pit Bull World

The Golden Retriever in a Pit Bull World If you were to ask me to identify the person in my circle who has the greatest influence on others, I’d point you to my friend Tom. You might expect Tom to be a high-powered CEO or business leader. Maybe you would think him to be a mega-church pastor or best-selling author. Tom is none of those. In fact, Tom is the quintessential second-chair leader. He doesn’t have a high-profile leadership position and has not started any companies. How does he spend his day? He simply sits in restaurants and nursing homes, small businesses and community board meetings, and quietly listens and shares his thoughts. He then moves on to the next…

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